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Applications of lead acid batteries, particularly in India are impossible to enumerate, since there is no activity of life which does not require this source of energy.

Considering the power situation in India, batteries are responsible to keep life running in a modern way. In the power outage situations, to ensure uninterrupted work or pleasure activities, these batteries are the only source of resolution. As a standby systems, these batteries provide power to all electrical gadgets at home, schools, hospitals, offices, lighthouses, airports, submarines, streets/roads, railways, military installations, telephone companies, etc. These are also used to store electric power harnessed by renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy through solar panels and wind mills respectively.

Viability of another important aspect of modern life, i.e. transport is also not thinkable without batteries. All the modes of transport like cars, motor cycles, buses, boats, ships, airplanes keep running with batteries.

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