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Okaya Power Group acknowledges its responsibility towards the society and through the 'Okaya foundation' and in association with 'Sandeep Gupta Memorial Charitable Trust' in India, it has worked towards improving literacy by providing free education to the children and increased sanitation by providing clean drinking water. It has also organized various programs such as 'Power for Poor'- to provide electricity in the rural areas and free medical camps to assist the underprivileged. Further, it supports a sustainable environment through energy savings and greener products & services. They have organized the disposal and recycling of lead acid batteries through their Metal Green Project authorized by the Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment to recycle batteries.

CSR Philosophy


Okaya has always sought ways to make a positive impact on the society at large through various CSR activities. Environment, basic education, health, women empowerment and community development are the main pillars of Okaya's CSR philosophy. As a part of its CSR initiatives, the Company has undertaken projects in the areas of education, livelihood, health, water and sanitation.

Okaya Foundation is the social initiative undertaken by Okaya whose motive is, “Sar Utha ke Jiyo”. The foundation provides assistance to the needy children through school education and free vocational training, helping them to be self reliant. Programs on the anvil are “ Pyaase Ko Paani “ and “ Power For Poor “ with an aim to provide clean water and electricity to the remote regions of the country where the basic necessities are inaccessible.

Okaya Foundation has organized over 150 Free Medical Camps across the country. We have distributed approx. 7000 hearing aids, 25000 spectacles, and 48000 prescription eye medication. We have also conducted eye operations for underprivileged. Foundation initiatives have reached over 65000 beneficiaries through Medical Consultation.

It has also made contributions to the Marrow Donor Registry (India), Prime Minister's National Relief Fund and Swachh Bharat Kosh. These projects are largely in accordance with Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. The CSR initiatives focus on holistic development of host communities and to add social, environmental and economic value to the society.

Sandeep Gupta Memorial Charitable Trust ( SGMCT ): We have partnered with the trust that has been associated with the noblest cause of eradicating illiteracy, empowering self confidence in the young children , aiding in improving the lives of these children. It provides free schooling and education to the underprivileged children of single mothers.

Battery Recycling


Lead is the most critical raw material in a lead acid storage battery which is very critical for the environment but is recyclable. Recycling an old battery to retrieve its lead content is both socially and environmentally enviable. It also makes perfect economic sense for everyone involved in the value chain.

At Okaya, we have taken an initiative named ‘Metal Green’ to protect the environment against global warming and environmental damages due to industrialization. We buy back old batteries and recycle metals from industrial and consumer scrap products, providing a way to meet the global objective to conserve natural resources of earth as a part of our commitment to help protect the environment. We recycle these used batteries in smelters in various parts of the country.

EMS - Environmental Management System


It has also established an Environmental Management System that is in conformance to Environmental System standard ISO 14001:2004. It is also certified by ASR. At all manufacturing units of OKAYA Power Ltd., Stringent Quality procedures are followed, which include:

Incoming Quality Control

In-Process Quality Control

Final Quality Control

Environment Policy EMS Policy (ISO 14001:2004)


OKAYA Power Limited accepts that the concern for the Environment is integral and fundamental part of its corporate business strategy. We commit ourselves towards a clear and sustainable environment through resource optimization and pollution prevention. Our batteries are 100% recyclable.

Okaya Power Group – Social Obligation


To pursue these objectives Okaya will continue to:

Increasingly contribute to activities that are beneficial to the society and community at large.

Chart out a mechanism for undertaking CSR activities more efficiently.

Engage with the Company's key stakeholders in matters related to CSR activities.

Align the CSR activities undertaken by the Company with the applicable laws.

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