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E-rickshaw battery if we unfold this name it comes to be electric rickshaw battery. Okaya is one of the leading brands in domain of batteries and also it is serving best for the development and high pace growth of nation. E-rickshaw battery is gaining more and more popularity these days as it is designed keeping all the necessary points in mind that are related to users and their requirements. Okaya commits to serve the users in the best possible way and following the same since long years. Each and every battery undergoes some specific test so as to confirm the uninterrupted services to users. Products are beautifully designed and tested up to the extent so as they excel the most as far as its performance is concerned.

The quality products manufactured under this hoop uses latest technology and defines an unbeatable standard for its parallel companion. E-rickshaw battery price are very manageable and they are decided so as to enhance the level of comfort of users and enrich them with reliable, long-lasting, and efficient batteries. The ultimate goal is to provide one of the most efficient and highly durable batteries with the so frugal E-rickshaw battery price so that anyone and everyone can afford them and leverage up to the most.

  • Constant Supply of Power- It gives a constant supply of power for over 6 hours.
  • Highly Durable- The product is designed for extreme usage in tough conditions.
  • Low maintenance- Does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Long Life- Tubular construction increases the longevity of the battery.
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