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mtek e-rickshaw battery



OKAYA provides E-rickshaw Batteries for eco-friendly rickshaws that are environment friendly in nature. These rickshaws are following the path of other such green vehicles such as bicycles. The concept behind such rickshaws is that they run on batteries instead of fuel. This therefore helps in reducing the emissions that are common in other motor vehicles such as buses and cars. In India, Delhi was the first city to introduce these eco friendly rickshaws. OKAYA provides quality E-Rickshaw Batteries which have a superior lasting value and capacity along with that it is one of the best batteries. OKAYA Mtek E-Rikshaw batteries have been manufactured with high quality raw materials for excellent performance. The batteries are safe and are standardized in nature. With our batteries such electric rickshaws can run smoothly on the streets and help in reduction of the environment’s pollution. Harmful gases such as carbon dioxide are brought down by increasing the number of such electric rickshaws. With our high performance batteries these rickshaws run longer and help in getting value for money and better performance for higher profits.

  • Advance Alloy and Paste Composition - The advance alloys, oxide manufacturing process and special paste composition ensures better performance.
  • Polypropylene Rugged Ribbed Container - With the Polypropylene rugged ribbed container, it makes it resistant to vibration.
  • Strict Quality Check - Rigorous chemical, physical, and electrical testing laboratory facility to ensure the quality parameters.
  • Certified Technology - All the technology has been approved by the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT).
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