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SOLAR Battery FAQs


Instead of exporting your surplus solar energy to the grid for a low feed in tariff, your solar battery will store any excess electricity allowing you to use it at night time when your solar PV system is not generating any energy.

By using your own “free” stored solar generation rather than buying electricity from the grid for full price, you’ll save a substantial amount on electricity bills.

In the case of grid failure, on-grid solar system automatically shuts off. A working grid connected solar system in such situation can be lethally dangerous to the workers attempting to fix power outages. If you have a diesel generator as backup, the solar system can work in synchronization with it.

Solar systems typically require very little maintenance. In highly dusty environments present in majority of India, regular cleaning of solar panels will ensure maximum production. Inverters need to be replaced every 10 years.

No. Though maintenance of solar systems is indeed negligible compared to any other energy generator, it doesn’t mean that these are maintenance free. In fact, the lack of proper monitoring and maintenance is one of the key issues of their failure in delivering adequate results in many cases.

Your solar power system can be detached from your current system and reinstalled on the new roof as and when required. In case you want to sell your property, you can either sell the solar PV system to the new buyer or get it detached and reinstalled on your new roof.

Yes, before installing a solar battery (and PV system) you’ll need to gain approval from your energy provider.

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