EV Charging Solutions

AC/DC Charging Station

These Charger able to charge all Electric Vehicles of IEC 60309 (Bharat Ac001), IEC 62196 - 2 (Type 2 AC), CCS - 2, CHAdeMO & GB/T charging standards compliance in AC Charger 230V or 415V and in DC Charger output voltage up to 750/1000 V. After user identification by simply choosing the charging standard compatible to your vehicle and coupling the charger’s output plug to the EV, you will have a fast secured and proven charging process. The battery Different output options are available, like the basic single output, dual output or even triple outputs, in a single cabinet or bundled with a wired charging interface kiosk.

Product Rating Datasheet/Catalog
AC Wallbox Charger 7 KW
AC Wallbox Charger 21 KW
Bharat AC EV Charger 10 KW
Bharat DC EV Charger 15KW/20KW/30KW
DC Wallbox Charger 20 KW
Single Gun Quick DC Charger 40KW/60KW/80KW
Dual Gun Fast DC Charger -
Combo 3 in 1 EV Charger 142 KW
Combo 3 in 1 EV Charger 82KW
Portable EV Charger 3.5KW

Off Board Charger

Portable EV Charger is a compact AC charger for use at homes, offices and other residential locations for personal use. It’s system is simple and featured with small footprints, convenient handling and easy operation.

Product Rating Datasheet/Catalog
OLBC-4808 EV Charger Battery 48V08A
OLBC-5130 EV Charger Battery 51V30A
OLBC-6008 EV Charger Battery 60V08A
OLBC-6027 EV Charger Battery 60V27A
OLBC-7206 EV Charger Battery 72V06A
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