Tractor batteries are an ideal match for varied applications like solar energy storage, powering E-Vehicles, Telecom & Energy storage systems. In Lithium batteries Lithium is used as Anode, the charge moves from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode during charging

Tractor batteries are packed with unique features viz. life extension, energy density, safety, compact size, cost reduction and high charging speed, integrated with high precision Protection Circuit Board ( PCB) used for Battery Management System ( BMS).

S. No. New Nomenclature Capacity (Ah) warranty Container type Application Polarity Net weight (kg) ±3% Gross weight (kg) ±3% Battery Battery Screen Label Battery Carton BC code
1 OPAK08036R 80 18+18* D31 Tractor 21.9 22.6 306x173x225 210x140 315(L)x182(W)x236(H) BC-12
2 OPAK09036L 90 18+18* E41 Tractor 28.8 29.5 400x173x233 250x146 420(L)x184(W)x251(H) BC-13
3 OPAK10036L 100 18+18* D31 Tractor 29.5 30.2 306x173x225 210x140 315(L)x182(W)x236(H) BC-12
No. Feature Benefit
1 High Cranking Power Superior start
2 Ultra Low Maintenance
3 Highest reserve capacity
4 Side-venting design Completely leak-proof
5 Flame arresters at venting to ensure high-level safety.
6 Designed For Long Life
7 Fitted with sliding handle Easy to pick & carry
8 Dual plate separation Protection against vibrations
9 Factory Charged Ready to use


Okaya OPAK08036R

Okaya OPAK09036L

Okaya OPAK10036L

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